Protocol Security Services Pty Ltd provides an extensive range of security services:

• Visitor reception and customer service.
• Static Guards for control of entry and exit points
• Monitoring of in-house electronic security systems and CCTV
• Screening of staff and or visitors with hand held electronic scanning equipment
• External patrols of building facilities and car parks
• Escort of staff after hours to car parks
• Patrol lock down of all windows and doors
• Routine patrols of office space, checking on welfare of staff
• Patrols and inspection of all electrical and refrigeration equipment to maintain optimum efficiency and safety
• Mobile patrol and alarm response service
• Cash in transit
• Armed Guard Hire.
• Provision of crowd control officers for events and functions

Some security tasks have been for:

  • Banks
  • Shopping Centres.
  • Commercial Warehouses.
  • Marine/waterfront applications.
  • VIP Body Guarding.
  • Asset Protection.
  • Air Ports.
  • Construction Sites.
  • Public Events
  • Private functions.
  • Banking services

We look forward to any opportunity that is commercially viable with the supply of a professional service.